GUNi welcomes higher education institutions, research centers in higher education, networks and other institutions related to higher education whose activity is:
  • Committed to GUNi mission and goals.
  • Devoted to the strengthening of the role of higher education in society.
  • Linked to innovation in higher education under a vision of public service, relevance and social responsibility.
  • Involved in innovative projects underlining its commitment with human and social perspective of the concept of development.
Types of memberships
  • Institutional members: full membership.
  • Associated institutions: some entities that share ideas and areas of interest related to the mission of GUNi, but do not meet all the requirements for full membership, could establish ties of cooperation to the network throught this associated institution category.
  • Individual membership:people who play an important role in GUNi Network activity and that, ultimately, end up forming a true community of essential knowledge for the proper functioning of the network. Can be considered honorary members, those who have developed an important role in the network during a specific period of time. For example, UNU and UNESCO former representatives or former members of the executive committee or gest editors. The appointment of the individual memberships must be on the recommendation of the GUNi Secretariat or founding members, upon presentation of a completed professional profile, including the description of their specific relationship with GUNi activitites.
GUNTM Members