Mission And Objectives

What is GUNTM?

Necessity of Collaboration

A platform, where cooperation among TM institutions worldwide could be fostered thus ensuring effective development of internationally-recognized academic TM curricula, is needed.

A multilateral pool of collaborators, sharing the same concerns, is a more efficient and effective process to promote, facilitate and actively discuss current and future research results and issues.

A wide range of nations and institutions who can provide input and suggestions on how to develop policies and consideration of systems related to the establishment of collateral collaborative connections between TM and biomedicine is needed.

A single body for submissions ensures access to a wider variety of information and opinions, and hopefully, better and more widely accepted decisions within the TM field. The multilateral TM committee meetings, which foster an environment for unconstrained academic discussions, are more likely to lead to conclusions that are viewed as more independent, comprehensive and legitimate by international organizations such as the WHO.

GUNTM Members

GUNTM grants membership to universities or institutions only, individual memberships are not granted. There are two types of members, Founding Members and Regular Members. Founding Members are full members whereby they have the right to vote on all issues / decisions related to GUNTM. Regular Members on the other hand, do not have any voting power.

However, they can attend and participate actively in Standing Committee meetings. If a Regular member wishes to obtain full membership, 5 out 7 of the Founding Members must approve the request.

For more information on how to be a member of GUNTM please email us at: guntm.secretariat@gmail.com.

Activities of the GUNTM

The GUNTM seeks to work together to identify key issues related to TM education, research, clinical practice, policies, and systems through ongoing discussions.

The GUNTM holds annual full member meetings (Standing Committee) to discuss common interests and reach collective agreements and approvals when necessary.

The GUNTM strives to identify issues concerning education, research, clinical practices, and operating mechanisms via Sub Committee level meetings which will involve subject area expert working groups.

The GUNTM develops and promotes staff/faculty and student exchange programs to encourage international collaborations and build a genuinely international and open field of study.

The GUNTM constitutes a pool of researchers, hosts international forums, and publishes annual reports and academic journals under the auspices of the Network to promote the international credentials and standing of TM.

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